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A phobia is an anxiety disorder where the phobic person exhibits an intense and irrational fear towards an object or a situation (i. settings).

While most people carry around fears and phobias, such as heights or spiders, they tend to overcome those fears quite easily and it has no major effect on their lives. For many others their phobia has a much larger if not total grip on their lives. They will avoid social situations at all costs, they wont visit family overseas for fear of flying or they will not go out of their homes. Put short, they have less freedom in life.

The THRIVE Programme is the worlds best training programme for curing phobias and fears. It is fast, effective and completely liberating because it removes not just the phobia, but its underlying cause. As a result, the person regains their freedom, is less anxious and has more control over their lives, for good! THRIVE is a SIX week, Seven session programme.

The following is a list of the most common phobias that we are consulted with. If your particular phobia is not listed, do not fret, as people can have a phobia of just about anything. View progamme layout here.Phobia Cure

Flying  aviatopophobia
Enclosed spacesClaustrophobia
Open spacesAgoraphobia
Speaking in publicGlossophobia
Death or dyingThanatophobia
Being sickEmetophobia or Emetephobia (may also be known as phagophobia, vomitophobia, vomit phobia, sickness phobia)For more info on fear of being sick, click here.
Being judged or put on the spot – Social Phobia, or Scopophobia.

For more info on social phobia, click here.
Urinating in front of others, shy bladder, paruresis, toilet anxiety or toilet phobia

Defecating (either alone, or in earshot of others), stools and losing bowel control – Coprophobia, or Corporophobia For more information on Shy Bladder click here


Why do Phobias form and why THRIVE is so effective

Phobias are expressions of several psychological factors such as limiting belief systems, a low sense of control, unhelpful thinking styles, personality traits, self esteem and social anxiety to name a few. The good news is that these factors are changeable, you just haven’t ever been shown how to before now.

THRIVE is a 6 week training programme that takes you through each of the different factors that created your phobia in the first place. Only once you understand and gain insight into how you got here can you get yourself out.

You will be given access to a workbook which we will work through together giving you the insights you need to overcome your phobia once and for all.

The programme is written in plain english and with little psychobabble. Everything in the programme is backed up by extensive research.

Why not take a moment now to see how this programme has helped others overcome their problem using this program by visiting the following link:

Not only will this programme help rid you of your phobia but the insights and knowlege you will gain will transfer on other areas of your life that you may be struggling with.

Why other therapies fall short

CBT, EFT, NLP, Psychotherapy and Counseling again only deal with the symptoms and thus while you may feel much better as a result, the underlying factors will continue to manifest in other areas of your life.

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“I came to Daniel for help in overcoming a trauma based phobia.  Within the first few visits I had with him, he was able to identify what I should focus on which was very helpful.   After 6 sessions and working through the book Thrive with him I have made substantial progress in overcoming my fears.  Daniel is empathic, easy to talk to and creates a trusting and non judgmental environment in which he conducts his therapy.  I highly recommend him.”

anonymous in Toronto