Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
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OCD: The specialized therapy practiced at the Toronto and Sudbury THRIVE Programme offers effective and permanent release of Obsessions and Compulsions in as little as six weeks.

OCD can manifest itself in various ways. From repeating behaviors to intrusive thoughts, OCD can wreak havock in a persons life and can be with them 24hrs a day, 7 days a week.

People who consult with OCD will likely have similar thinking styles like perfectionist thinking and a high desire for control. These thinking styles and a variety of other factors are directly addressed throughout the programme and are the reason your OCD exists in the first place.

You may be thinking ‘how can I possibly get over something in 6 weeks that I have had most of my life?’. The answer is that you haven’t had this problem for say 10yrs, you have had it for about 2 weeks.  What you have done is repeated the same behaviors trying to figure out/change/stop this problem for 10 years.

We are going to change that by giving you the right insights, skills and resources that you haven’t been previously given so that you can navigate yourself out of this problem for good. View progamme layout here.


Resolving OCD Permanently With THRIVE

To achieve permanent results we need to help you gain insight into how this problem was created in the first place. THRIVE is one of the best and most successful programmes in the world at teaching you the root causes of anxiety and the skills and resources to resolve it.OCD Treatment

There are a variety of different mechanisms in place that cause a person to create anxiety. Among them are self-esteem, social anxiety, your beliefs, thinking styles, character traits, etc.

THRIVE is an evidence based psychological training program that offers you a permanent resolution to your problems, letting you live a life free from anxiety and it’s symptoms. Along with resolving your anxiety, all other problems that were associated with these psychological factors will disappear as well, leaving you more in control of your life in general.

Other therapies including CBT, psychotherapy, EFT, NLP only ever deal with the symptoms of your anxiety, leaving the root to manifest elsewhere. Why control your problem when you can rid yourself of it once and for all.


Why is it vital to understand how my OCD was created?

Imagine you are lost in the wilderness and have no idea how you got there, but I gave you a map pinpointing the steps you took to get lost in the first place and how to never get lost again in the future. Could you get out? Of course…

Now let’s say I just rescued you by helicopter and plopped you back in familiar territory but gave you no map and no resources to not make the same mistake again. You are likely to get lost again!

THRIVE gives you the map and the resources to get out and to never again fall into the mental traps that created your social anxiety in the first place.


Why traditional hypnotherapy is not recommended for OCD:

Traditional hypnotherapy (also known as Suggestion Therapy) falls short because it deals only with the symptom and not the cause. In traditional hypnotherapy your anxiety would be suggested away under hypnosis with suggestions like ‘you feel calm and at ease at things that previously upset you’. While you will probably leave the hypnotherapist feeling less anxious and your OCD diminished the originating cause of your anxiety, the psychological mechanisms that created it, will not have been addressed.

Because these mechanisms are still there, they will find an ‘outlet’. So you may not experience your OCD as often, but now you may fear being in crowds for example. This is known as symptom substitution and is a very real phenomenon.

Worse yet, suggestions from a hypnotherapist don’t always last forever, so in a few months time, your anxiety may well return.

For these reasons, traditional hypnotherapy (suggestion therapy) is not recommended for anxiety.


Have a look over some testimonials of people all over the world who have undergone the programme below: courtesy www.thriveprogramme.org



I found out about Daniel DesLauriers and Thrive program when I searched the internet for “sexual anxiety therapy Toronto” or something like that.

Prior to this I had been just started going to a counselor which lead me to discover that I had a “General Anxiety Disorder”, medical terminology aside, talking to someone helped me realize that I did in fact have some deep set issues that were effecting me on a daily basis. Not to the point where I wouldn’t leave the house, but just little thoughts constantly floating around my head revolving around worrying about pretty much everything. I was able to live with this, in fact I just thought that was how I was always going to be. 

The breaking point came when this anxiety and negative unhelpful thinking started effecting my performance in the bedroom. I hit rock bottom, my self esteem was the lowest it had ever been, my girlfriend was on the verge of breaking up with me, I felt completely helpless and terrified. Through the exercises in the book I discovered that I actually didn’t love myself and part of my belief system was that I wasn’t a good lover and didn’t deserve to be happy or have a girlfriend. So I was basically subconsciously sabotaging my own life.

Those little negative thoughts that floated around my head were leading me down a path where I would be alone and miserable.I felt completely helpless until reading this book and meeting with Daniel every week. It really did change my life.

I learned that I had control of my thoughts and that I could change the way I thought and felt about myself and the world around me. Over the 6 weeks I worked through this book my mood, self esteem improved and my anxiety lessened more an more.

It took a lot of work and self analysis. It’s not really hard work, but I feel like you have to want to do it for it to work. And I did want to do the work. I worked even harder, once I realized that the work I put into it was having a direct and positive effect on me.

You will learn that it takes persistent daily effort to overcome your unhelpful thinking habits, but the more you do it the easier it becomes until it is just second nature. 

Friends who have notice the change in me always ask “who is your therapist?”. I tell them that Daniel isn’t the same as a therapist, he is more of a guide. His role is to keep you accountable and answer an questions you may have as you work through the book.

The really important part of the Thrive program is that you aren’t reliant on anyone or any procedure. The changes all come from within. The book and the consultant just help to show you the techniques to eliminate the unhelpful thinking styles and beliefs.

It’s a very powerful thing to realize that you have the power to change and build new positive pathways in your brain for perceiving the world. 

Daniel is an excellent consultant. He has a very gentle disposition and has a good sense of humour. I felt very comfortable talking to him and sharing some very personal things. He is very accommodating to your schedule, even meeting over Skype when situations didn’t allow us to meet in person. 

I highly recommend Daniel and the Thrive program for anyone who is suffering from something like sexual dysfunction, anxiety, depression or obsessive compulsive behaviour. Thanks to this program my anxiety is not an issue anymore, I’m able to experience emotions, be present and love myself. I am now looking forward to every new day and continuing to thrive in my life. Anyone can do this, I truly believe that. – Donald (Toronto)


I suffered from OCD for over 5 years with fear of almost everything. I was unable to go to the supermarket, shopping was a major trauma (so I simply ordered online) and slowly I became more and more reluctant to go outside preferring if possible to take the safe option of staying in my house as that meant that I didn’t have to face problems or clean everywhere when I returned. I strategically planned all trips before-hand mapping out any possible scenarios to fully prepare myself or went only to places I considered ‘safe’. I washed clothes at 60 degrees or higher to ensure I removed any contaminants (of course this meant clothes were
discoloured and ruined!). My hands looked like those of a 90 year old due to the constant washing and my skin was terrible due to excessive showering. ‘What if’ was my favourite phrase and cleaning ‘just in case’ was part of my daily routine.
Life was really bad and not just for me but for all of those around me. I had tried CBT therapy and it wasn’t right for me. I simply wasn’t prepared to do some of the ‘exposure therapy’ (I wouldn’t have done those things even when I was well). I was desperate to find myself again (the person who loved life, enjoyed going out, was always busy and had lots of friends; things I had slowly lost as OCD gradually crept over me and took over my life) and then in a last ditch attempt I searched the internet for alternative options. That’s when I came across Alison and the Loughborough Hypnotherapy Clinic. Contacting Alison was the start of my new life and finding the ‘old me’.
I don’t think Alison realises how much she has helped me and in turn those around me. I was sceptical when I arrived at my first session and didn’t really believe that something could work in such a short period (given all of the alternatives I had tried). How wrong was I! I started to see results within a couple of weeks and things just got better and better (don’t get me wrong – I did have set backs and it was hard but I worked through them, didn’t dwell on them and quickly learnt that we all have setbacks particularly when I was tired but I chose not to let them affect me and I chose to move on. Some things may still bother me but I have the techniques to put them in perspective).
Alison really is fantastic. She is non- judgement l and really helps to give you techniques to help you to regain your confidence in yourself and life. She works with you and doesn’t dwell on the ‘illness’ and this was important to me in my recovery. Alison helped me to change the way I was thinking. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t easy and even after my 10 sessions I am working on the techniques and apply them in my daily life but it was and is worth it. Every day my life really is getting better and better. My life has changed dramatically. I now go out to the supermarket. I enjoy going shopping and actually prefer to go to the stores rather than shop online. I enjoy doing new things. My hands are looking 100% better! I don’t shower excessively. I don’t wash clothes on temperatures higher than 40 (so all clothes are now looking good). I am rebuilding my life. I look back at some of the things I was doing and I genuinely can’t believe it………..why was I doing those things? Why was I choosing to waste my life, literally ‘washing’ my life away? I look at them and think “it was crazy to be doing that”, yet at the time it was absolutely necessary and normal to me. Not anymore I am happy to say!
I couldn’t have done this by working through the book alone.
Alison is really wonderful and please if you have OCD or anxiety don’t live with the illness any longer. Contact Alison and give it a try, you have nothing to lose
and everything to gain. I will still see Alison from time to time because I want to make sure that I keep on track as it is really important to me and my family to keep Thriving.
Thank you so much Alison.


I found my sessions very interesting and insightful. I enjoyed the examples Claire gave such as chevreuls pendulum. I always left my sessions feeling revived and positive.
The sessions have made a huge difference to my life. I now feel less anxious, less stressed and less plagued by negative, unwanted thoughts. On starting the course I realised I had scored very highly 24/30 on the locus of control quiz and very highly on low self esteem, social anxiety and all of the thinking styles.
Because I now recognise this, I am able to change my thinking and stop myself from brooding about things I have no control over and that are unhelpful for me to brood about. I now feel much happier, less anxious and stressed and more relaxed about life in general.
The course helped me with my obsessive symptoms that I realised I was just doing for control, to try and control how I was thinking and what I thought would happen in the future. I have now stopped these OCD symptoms (counting, touching things x 3) because I understand why I was doing it and that doing it now has no effect on my day. I thought it would be difficult to stop this but it took just a few days when I understood my thinking.


I have been suffering with OCD and low self-esteem since my teenage years, due to severe bullying spanning over 6 years. I am 31 years old now, recently in a relationship and wanted to gain my confidence back again. I have had CBT at Bedford Hospital for about 2 months but was still having trouble with certain aspects of low confidence so i thought what or who else could help me. I did some research online and found Greg Coyne – the Bedford Hypnotherapist. I booked a session with him to see if and how he could help me, he suggested ‘ Changing Belief Systems’ which is a form of therapy he uses. I then went on to book 4 more sessions with him and found the sessions very helpful and easy to understand. During the sessions he gave me techniques and tools to use, to help me when i am at work, home or out socially. I started using these techniques after the first session and within 2 weeks my family and i had started to notice that i was gaining more confidence within myself and i was feeling more positive the future. I have now finished my sessions with Greg and i feel my confidence levels have increased by 100% and my self esteem is much higher. I would reccommend Greg Coyne and the therapy he teaches to other people who are suffering with confidence and self-esteem issues.


We contacted Beaula Paige in July 2010 after reading her website. Our 16 year old son was suffering from Emetophobia, which was destroying his life. He had also developed severe OCD tendancies which were completely ruling his daily way of life. The emetophobia caused him to believe that everything he did, touched, smelt or ate would make him vomit. Consequently, this caused his body mass to drop to 16 and his weight became 42k. He was hospitalised and we were desperate to find him some help. He first visited Beaula in the summer and began a programme of self help. He had incredibly low self esteem and found attending the sessions very hard. Every week brought new challenges and although sometimes this was incredibly difficult for him to cope with, she encouraged him to stay positive and focused. Now, in November, the difference is truely amazing. He has embarked on a completely different take on life. He no longer has OCD rituals which rule his life and he is eating! His weight has raised to 53k and he is now having driving lessons and he has successfully returned to college and has recently secured a part time job. We are so pleased with his successes. We can’t praise Beaula’s professionalism enough. We would recommend her to anybody who needs some help to enjoy life.”


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