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Successful treatment of IBS is available using the THRIVE Programme. Affecting the digestive system, sufferers of IBS will usually have had the condition for a long period of time.  Its most common symptoms include frequent visit to the washroom, stomach pain and discomfort, bloating and cramping.  For many this condition will take control over their lives in as much as their lives are limited by how close they are to a washroom at any given time.  These symptoms usually worsen in times of stress.

While there are many theories as to the causes of IBS, it can be assumed by the success of the THRIVE Programme that there is a psychological component. THRIVE is a unique evidence based training program that helps the sufferer resolve the psychological factors that are responsible for maintaining your IBS symptoms.THRIVE is a six week/seven session programme. View progamme layout here.


Resolving IBS With THRIVE

To achieve permanent results we need to help you gain insight into how the IBS was created in the first place. THRIVE is one of the best and most successful programmes in the world at teaching you the root causes of IBS and its related symptoms. There are a variety of diffent mechanisms in place that cause a person to create anxiety. Amongst them are self-esteem, social anxiety, your beliefs, thinking styles, character traits, etc. THRIVE is an evidence based psychological training program that offers you a permanent resolution to your problems, letting you live a life free from anxiety and it’s symptoms. Along with resolving your IBS, all other problems that were associated with these psychological factors will disappear as well, leaving you more in control of your life in general.

Other therapies including CBT, psychotherapy, EFT, NLP only ever deal with the symptoms of your anxiety, leaving the root to manifest elsewhere. Why control your problem when you can rid yourself of it once and for all.


Why is it vital to understand how my IBS was created or is maintained?

Imagine you are lost in the wilderness and have no idea how you got there, but I gave you a map pinpointing the steps you took to get lost in the first place and how to never get lost again in the future. Could you get out? Of course…

Now let’s say I just rescued you by helicopter and plopped you back in familiar territory but gave you no map and no resources to not make the same mistake again. You are likely to get lost again!

THRIVE gives you the map and the resources to get out and to never again fall into the mental traps that created your social anxiety in the first place.


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Have a look over some testimonials of the program here:

I wanted to email you and let you know how I am getting on since my Thrive training finished with you.
I initially came to you because of my phobia of dogs. As a 24 year old that had never been in the same room as a dog without screaming and crying uncontrollably I decided it was time to change! I chose you because of the response you gave to my first email; you were kind and caring and the free initial consultation showed me you wanted to help people, not just make money from people (unlike some others I had emailed!)
Today, I have stroked a dog for the first time! I interviewed a customer (in my very small office at work) who bought her dog with her. I am so proud of myself for using the DREAM technique and understanding that I was causing the fear myself with my badly managed thinking. And most importantly, that thinking CAN be changed!
Previously diagnosed as an “IBS sufferer”, I have stopped taking my prescribed medication too. I have realised that by managing my thoughts well has stopped the incredible pain I used to suffer. This has almost completely disappeared so thank you.
In the last few weeks I have also done a few things that I would have previously worried and stressed about for months. I have been able to put things into perspective and make choices based on real events – not things I have worked up in my head.
Thank you for spending your time with me and helping me to realise that I CAN change my life and do ANYTHING I put my mind too!!

I completed my Challenging Limiting Belief training recently and wanted to thank Beaula for all her support and guidance. I suffered very low self esteem and other anxieties which caused IBS, headaches and tiredness to name a few. I had suffered for a long time and had tried various alternative therapies and CBT and medication but none of them really worked in the long term. CLB however, made me really look at my personality and how I work on a day to day basis which I had never really understood before and this is the basis on making any real changes. I now have a much higher self – esteem and am enjoying social activities and enjoying life to the full. I know that if I challenge my thoughts and beliefs on a daily basis my IBS and headaches etc will disappear as I can make this happen. I would definately recommend seeing Beaula if you want to get sorted out once and for all!
Many many thanks,

WARNING: If you don’t want to get better – YOU HAVE TO...
As a teenager studying her a-levels, accused of being depressed, suffering from anxiety; a panic disorder and IBS, I was hugely sceptical when a close friend suggested reading Rob’s book. After spending countless hours in CBT, with doctors and discussing medication, non of which had worked for me, I was at the end of my tether. Yet I still couldn’t believe that this book i’d heard so SO much about could ACTUALLY help me. In fact, at the beginning, as Rob suggests, I didn’t believe it could. I didn’t want to believe it, I couldn’t believe it, and in fact, I’d kind of made up my mind, that on principle, I wouldn’t believe it. It was only after my doctor tried to put me on Prozac (I’m seventeen, and I don’t suffer from depression). That I seriously had to take matters into my own hands, to make myself better. Upon reading the first chapter, I realised, the book had been written for me. Upon completing the first three or so chapters, I realised the book had been written for everyone. Everyone in the world can benefit from it. Everyone in the world SHOULD benefit from it. This book made me realise that the only thing standing between me and everything I could want out of life, are some silly little ideas I had about how I cope. I refuse to let any dodgy thinking patterns prevent me from living my life to the full and ‘Thriving’ (Nice name by the way). My new approach to life? ‘Bring it.’ Everything has improved – scratch that, I have improved everything in my life, Even my SKIING.
Being ‘ill’ isn’t an excuse any more. Times have changed for ‘disorders’. I honestly can’t thank the authors enough for providing me with a chance to live my life so freely.


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