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Overcome your depression with Thrive Consultant Daniel DesLauriers

We all feel down and under the weather at certain points in our lives, but for those Daniel DesLauriers suffering from depression, the effects are ongoing and pervasive. It is as if they are locked in a prison of their emotions and nothing seems to ever uplift their mood to release them from their cell.

Depression is usually formed out of the result of several psychological mechanisms. These include, but are not limited to, your beliefs, thinking styles, personality, social anxiety and self esteem.

What we aim to do here at Toronto and Sudbury THRIVE programme is to allow you the opportunity to completely resolve your depression by teaching you how these mechanisms are maintaining your problem. Only once you know how your problem was created can you get yourself out. You will be given an incredible insight into where your symptoms came from and the skills and resources to overcome them.

THRIVE is one of the best training programs in the world at revealing and thus resolving the psychological conflicts that have created your depression.This is a 7 session, 6 week program. View progamme layout here.


Why is it vital to understand how my Depression was created?

Imagine you are lost in the wilderness and have no idea how you got there, but I gave you a map pinpointing the steps you took to get lost in the first place and how to never get lost again in the future. Could you get out? Of course…

Now let’s say I just rescued you by helicopter and plopped you back in familiar territory but gave you no map and no resources to not make the same mistake again. You are likely to get lost again!

THRIVE gives you the map and the resources to get out and to never again fall into the mental traps that created your depression in the first place.

Many suffering from depression feel that their situation is hopeless and could not imagine how anything could help them overcome their suffering. They have tried everything and nothing seems to help.


THRIVE vs traditional hypnotherapy

Traditional hypnotherapy (also know as suggestion therapy) is also something that is used at Toronto and Sudbury Hypnotherapy. This relies on the hypnotist giving you suggestions for your well being. While these suggestions may make a difference in your symptoms, it is only a temporary fix. The underlying cause is not addressed and permanent results are rarely achieved. I tend only to use suggestion therapy for minor problems and not for pervasive issues like depression.

Many hypnotherapists also use some form of regression therapies (getting to the root of the problem). These techniques however usually rely on therapist insight and fishing for the root cause. These ‘fishing’ techniques do not use the natural therapeutic process and many times bring to surface emotions well before the client is ready and rarely get to the actual root of the problem.


THRIVE vs Conventional Therapies

Well other therapies can have success in helping you deal with different problems, they rarely address the actual root cause. THRIVE unveils the science behind the psychobabble so that you can gain the insight and resources to change your life for good.

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What is the success rate?

The testimonials speak for themselves have a look here:

The Thrive program changed my life!

I found out about Daniel DesLauriers and Thrive program when I searched the internet for “sexual anxiety therapy Toronto” or something like that.

Prior to this I had been just started going to a counselor which lead me to discover that I had a “General Anxiety Disorder”, medical terminology aside, talking to someone helped me realize that I did in fact have some deep set issues that were effecting me on a daily basis. Not to the point where I wouldn’t leave the house, but just little thoughts constantly floating around my head revolving around worrying about pretty much everything. I was able to live with this, in fact I just thought that was how I was always going to be. 

The breaking point came when this anxiety and negative unhelpful thinking started effecting my performance in the bedroom. I hit rock bottom, my self esteem was the lowest it had ever been, my girlfriend was on the verge of breaking up with me, I felt completely helpless and terrified. Through the exercises in the book I discovered that I actually didn’t love myself and part of my belief system was that I wasn’t a good lover and didn’t deserve to be happy or have a girlfriend. So I was basically subconsciously sabotaging my own life.

Those little negative thoughts that floated around my head were leading me down a path where I would be alone and miserable.I felt completely helpless until reading this book and meeting with Daniel every week. It really did change my life.

I learned that I had control of my thoughts and that I could change the way I thought and felt about myself and the world around me. Over the 6 weeks I worked through this book my mood, self esteem improved and my anxiety lessened more an more.

It took a lot of work and self analysis. It’s not really hard work, but I feel like you have to want to do it for it to work. And I did want to do the work. I worked even harder, once I realized that the work I put into it was having a direct and positive effect on me.

You will learn that it takes persistent daily effort to overcome your unhelpful thinking habits, but the more you do it the easier it becomes until it is just second nature. 

Friends who have notice the change in me always ask “who is your therapist?”. I tell them that Daniel isn’t the same as a therapist, he is more of a guide. His role is to keep you accountable and answer an questions you may have as you work through the book.

The really important part of the Thrive program is that you aren’t reliant on anyone or any procedure. The changes all come from within. The book and the consultant just help to show you the techniques to eliminate the unhelpful thinking styles and beliefs.

It’s a very powerful thing to realize that you have the power to change and build new positive pathways in your brain for perceiving the world. 

Daniel is an excellent consultant. He has a very gentle disposition and has a good sense of humour. I felt very comfortable talking to him and sharing some very personal things. He is very accommodating to your schedule, even meeting over Skype when situations didn’t allow us to meet in person. 

I highly recommend Daniel and the Thrive program for anyone who is suffering from something like sexual dysfunction, anxiety, depression or obsessive compulsive behaviour. Thanks to this program my anxiety is not an issue anymore, I’m able to experience emotions, be present and love myself. I am now looking forward to every new day and continuing to thrive in my life. Anyone can do this, I truly believe that. – Donald (Toronto)

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