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Daniel DesLauriersAnxiety: A relatively permanent state or worry and/or nervousness.

The specialized anxiety treatment practiced at the Toronto and Sudbury THRIVE Programme offers effective and permanent release of anxiety and anxiety related problems in as little as six weeks. View progamme layout here.

Anxiety can manifest itself in a variety of ways including the formation of Phobias & Fears, Social Anxiety, Panic Attacks. To find out more about these specific symptoms, please click on their respective links in the top navigation bar.

Unlike other therapies available, the THRIVE Programme gets to the root cause of your anxiety and the symptoms related to anxiety. Other therapeutic approaches may help you deal with your problem, see your problem differently, or ease the effects of your problem, but at the end of the day the root of your problem still exists and permanent release of your symptoms is unlikely.


What is Anxiety

Unlike worry which is an appropriate response to life’s circumstances, such as losing a job, anxiety lingers and lasts beyond theses circumstances.

Contrary other emotions that we feel on an everyday basis, anxiety seems to come from nowhere. When we are sad, we know why we feel sad. When we are happy, we know why we are happy. With anxiety however it is if it comes from nowhere, it is something inside of us but outside our control.Anxiety Treatment Toronto Sudbury

Anxiety does have a cause, just like our other emotions but it is difficult for the sufferer to gain insight into why they have anxiety. This is why those who suffer from anxiety often find it very difficult to explain why they are feeling the way they do.

We humans do not like the unknown and the unknown reason behind our anxiety is no exception. As a result, our minds attempt to either relate our anxiety to something in the real world or symptoms are created. This could result in the formation of a phobia, compulsions, obsessions, bodily symptoms, etc.. 

The symptoms created are just as difficult to explain to those suffering from them as the anxiety that is causing them. “I’ve just always been this way”, “I just need to do it”, “I am not sure, it just happens’”, etc… The reason for our inability to explain it is because we really do not know why it is happening. If we did, the anxiety would disappear along with the symptoms created.

Many suffering from anxiety or its related symptoms feel that their situation is hopeless and could not imagine how anything could help them overcome their suffering. They have tried everything and nothing seems to help. Everything that they have done however, is usually done with regard to their symptoms and the root of their problem is not affected.


Resolving Anxiety Permanently With THRIVE in Sudbury

To achieve permanent results we need to help you gain insight into how this problem was created in the first place. THRIVE is one of the best and most successful programmes in the world at teaching you the root causes of anxiety and the skills and resources to resolve it.

There are a variety of different mechanisms in place that cause a person to create anxiety. Among them are self-esteem, social anxiety, your beliefs, thinking styles, character traits, etc.

THRIVE is an evidence based psychological training program that offers you a permanent resolution to your problems, letting you live a life free from anxiety and it’s symptoms. Along with resolving your anxiety, all other problems that were associated with these psychological factors will disappear as well, leaving you more in control of your life in general.

Other therapies including CBT, psychotherapy, EFT, NLP only ever deal with the symptoms of your anxiety, leaving the root to manifest elsewhere. Why control your problem when you can rid yourself of it once and for all.


Why is it vital to understand how my anxiety was created?

Imagine you are lost in the wilderness and have no idea how you got there, but I gave you a map pinpointing the steps you took to get lost in the first place and how to never get lost again in the future. Could you get out? Of course…

Now let’s say I just rescued you by helicopter and plopped you back in familiar territory but gave you no map and no resources to not make the same mistake again. You are likely to get lost again!

THRIVE gives you the map and the resources to get out and to never again fall into the mental traps that created your anxiety in the first place.


Have a look over some testimonials of people all over the world who have undergone the programme below: courtesy



When I arrived on Daniel’s doorstep, I was exhausted, anxious, faintly hostile, and frankly, desperate.  I am in my mid-thirties, and have been in one form of therapy or another since my early teens to try to ‘treat’ my daily anxiety attacks.  I’ve wallowed in it all: talk therapy, CBT, mindfulness, yoga, cranial-sacral, naturopathy, guided visualizations, diet-changes, chakra balancing… the list is endless.  I am a competent, professional, high-achieving woman in a demanding leadership role, who secretly popped Xanax and other medications just to get through another day.  In the midst of my final round of withdrawal, when I couldn’t stand being inundated with brain zaps and drowning in every increasing anxiety, (and when I realized that I’d been with my former therapist for five years and we were re-hashing the same old stories and ‘solutions’ over and over) I called Daniel.  It was a last-ditch attempt, a grasping at straws… and turned out to be the single most important step towards mental health that I have made in my life.   


Last week I gave away every single self-help book I have collected over the years.  I’ve stopped looking for something external to ‘save’ me, or ‘change me’ or ‘fix me’ or ‘cure me’.  There was nothing wrong with me at all – except that I had more than a handful of misguided beliefs and poor brain/thinking habits, mixed with low self-esteem and an external locus of control.  In simple terms – I was thinking myself into craziness, physical illness, and spirals of anxiety (because at the time, I didn’t know any better way to think!). 


Once Daniel helped me figure that out through the tools in the Thrive Program, I’ve been able to stop the toxic thinking patterns, and also stop the physical and mental manifestations of anxiety, self-hatred, and catastrophic thinking.  For me that means no more making it through the day with a public persona of competence, and falling apart every evening in frantic tears, working myself to the bone trying to ‘prove’ that I wasn’t as worthless as I was afraid everyone would find out I really felt inside.   It means that I finally, fully, believe that I am an awesome person, worthy of the love that I receive from others – but more importantly, that I am worth loving myself.  It sounds trite, perhaps…. but it feels, and is, lovely, and calm, and strong and solid and right. 


Thrive wasn’t magic, or even particularly easy.  I did the entire Program fairly slowly twice over eight months, because the first time through I ‘got’ it intellectually, but wasn’t really living it.  After a break, I re-committed to the program, and lived the work.  And now, anxiety is simply not a part of my daily life.  I’m still me, my life is still challenging and real and messy and involved – only I’m not systematically torturing myself with my thoughts as I go through my days and nights.    


I am profoundly grateful to Daniel for his coaching, mentorship, and compassion through this journey. He created a safe, encouraging, excuses-free space for me to process the Thrive program, and held me accountable for my own growth.  Both he, and the program, are worth your trust and your time. 




Kristen  Toronto



Having suffered from anxiety on and off for over 10 years, and tried many different ways to battle it, like cognitive behaviour therapy and medication. I can honestly say the thrive programme I took with Alison, is the best. It provides you with techniques and skills to over come any (yes ANY!) problems that you may have now or face in the future. Highly recommended.

I found the sessions very helpful, being able to ask questions and clarify any points in the book I was unsure about. It was very useful to get an objective viewpoint – particularly on the personality type exercise.
The Thrive book and accompanying sessions have been a huge help in enabling me to think much more positively about myself and life in general. I now feel much calmer and in control in situations I would have previously felt anxious about – i.e. flying, giving presentations. My nail biting habit, which I had for well over 20 years, has virtually disappeared.
Tania was very good at putting me at ease, meaning I felt comfortable to talk about what was on my mind and ask questions. Items provided (chevreul’s pendulum + cube vs pebble) helped me understand key points more easily.
Cheryl, 36, formerly confidence & social anxiety issues

During a brief break from traditional psychotherapy, a process I had been engaged in for over a year, I was restlessly trawling through Amazon one day when I happened across and downloaded Thrive onto my Kindle. Although willing to try, I wasn’t convinced of its claims and didn’t expect to finish it, after having started hundreds of self help books over the years in the hope of finding some kind of external answer to my anxiety, blushing and tendency to ruminate over the past and to have a general default setting of low level anxiety and emptiness.
After getting through about 3/4s of the book and thinking there was something in it I decided to try the programme with a Thrive consultant and got in touch with Danny Nuttall, a Bath based therapist. I’m very pleased that I did. After my first session with Danny I ended the psychotherapy process with my other therapist and committed fully to the Thrive programme. Danny supported me through some challenging and rewarding exercise but also some real epiphanies and moments in which I had to admit to myself that change was not impossible after all and that the answers were much more straightforward than I would have previously been able to admit to myself. With the help of Danny to reinforce these insights and to discuss the many new things I was becoming aware of within myself and in my potential as a person, I was soon able to leave behind the troubles that I had allowed to limit me for as long as I can remember. Not only am I able to disengage from worries and mental pain easily but I am also able to look back over my life so far and to see very clearly where I have gone wrong. I don’t hate my old self anymore, I just see her as person who was victim to a lot of irrational thinking and who lived in an imaginary world of her own projections, only mistakenly seeing herself through the eyes of all- powerful others. I see things in a totally different way now and I only wish that I had done the Thrive program years ago. I won’t be shelling out for long term psychotherapy anymore, a process that I felt out of control of where the therapist seems to have some special knowledge that you will one day see after going through all of your painful memories for an indefinite period of time and at an indefinite rate of expense. Thrive isn’t like that. Danny told me it would take about 5-6 sessions to get me thriving, however, after my third I was doing really well and I only needed 4 in the end. I was impressed that he was honest and didn’t just stretch it out for his own gain. I really felt like Danny believed in me and he is living proof that Thrive works.
I would recommend Thrive, and Danny as a Thrive consultant, to anyone who wanted to learn about viewing themselves and their lives in the most useful way possible, and about how to be free of life limiting beliefs and fears. You only get one life and when you see things from the correct perspective and give yourself permission to be happy you will feel such a sense of relief and freedom that there will be no stopping you from Thriving.
Anna, Bristol.

Participating in the Thrive programme empowered me to deal with anxiety and mild depression effectively. When I initially started the programme, I felt low, overwhelmed and that my levels of anxiety were unmanageable. As this was a problem that I felt I had had for quite some time, I wanted something that would help me manage this long-term, rather than go on medication for a few months with the possibility of finding myself back at square one as soon as I finished. Thrive was exactly that. Thanks to what I learned through Thrive, I now feel that I have the ability to manage my levels of stress and anxiety by effectively dealing with my negative thought processes. I am no longer overcome by feelings of negativity, and when I do start to feel negative I know that I can stop these negative thoughts from getting the better of me, something which I would have struggled with previously. I would highly recommend the Thrive programme to anyone who wishes to make a significant change in their life and who wishes to make that change in a self-empowering way.
N.D. Tralee

I originally came across this book when seeking help from a local hypnotherapist (a qualified `Thrive` therapist) in regards to anxiety, depression and mainly just not feeling very happy for a long period of time. I was dubious that a book could do anything to help me when my hypnotherapist suggested it to me. However something told me to go for it and I started to work through the book in my own time over a period of 6 weeks. During these 6 weeks I also had 1 hour sessions once a week from my Thrive Therapist.

I contacted Helen after seeing a small add in the local link magazine and nervously attend my first appointment in Stortford. I didn’t know it at the time but this was the point where my life would go through an unbelievable change!
I attended after feeling depressed, anxious and upset about my weight and failed attempts to loose it. I started with Hypno analysis for the first few sessions and though I struggled with this in the beginning I felt comfortable and happy to be moving forward.
I then began the Thrive programme and this was simply amazing! Within the first few chapters and attending regular sessions with Helen each week I felt my confidence building, my anxiety and low self esteem dissipating and my understanding of how I had been limiting my own belief in myself changing.
I learnt about how and why I made certain choices and the sometimes negative effect this had on me. I began to grow in confidence both in my appearance and my ability to achieve my goals.
Helen with the help of the Thrive programme has helped me to work out how to change my life, the way I feel about me, increase my self esteem and believe I can achieve what I want when I want. As she said in a word I am “thriving”. I cannot recommend Helen and the Thrive programme highly enough for anyone from all walks of life.
Hayley, Essex

I went to Stephen as I had suffered from anxiety and sleeplessness since I suffered an anaphylactic shock a few months earlier, I feared that it could happen again and that this time it would be fatal. This would be highly unlikely as I was allergic to a drug that was only given as part of an anaesthetic, however it had a profound effect on me as I almost died, making me question my entire life and leaving me feeling totally out of control. Stephen really put me at ease in our first meeting, and I had every confidence that he would be able to help me get back to normal. He recommended the ‘Thrive’ programme and as we were working through it I learned that I also had very low self-esteem and self-confidence, issues that had held me back over the years but that I had never really addressed as being a ‘problem’. At the end of the programme I felt much more confident and in control, able to sleep well at night without sleeping tablets and was also able to stop the anti-depressants I had been on for years. I am no longer scared to voice my opinion or stick up for myself, which in turn has actually led me to have much better relationships with my husband, friends, family and work colleagues. My self esteem has also greatly improved, with everyone noticing the change in me, this new found confidence has led me to accept a more challenging (yet more rewarding) role in my work, which I would have otherwise turned down, thinking myself ‘not up to it’. I will be eternally grateful to Stephen for helping me to change my life, and would recommend anyone with self-esteem or confidence issues to give the ‘Thrive’ programme a go.

Life Changing!!!!!! I would like to say a massive thank you to Jane and the Thrive Program for helping me turn my life around. I had been creating anxiety on and off for many years and was at an all time low when I turned to Jane for help. She was absolutely wonderful and immediately put my mind at ease. I was initially very sceptical about the sessions and the book, but within a week I started feeling a lot more confident that I could change my beliefs. This progress continued and it has now been several weeks since I finished the program and I can honestly say I feel like a different person. I would recommend this program to anyone with problems that prevent them from leading the life the want to lead. I have learnt so much about myself and am confident that I will never encounter the same limiting beliefs that I had when first met Jane ever again. Thank you so much.
A. Miller

I found my sessions with Stephen life changing, the thing I enjoyed the most was the relief of the anxiety and managing my thoughts positively.
The difference that the treatment has made to my life is that I stay calm! Look at life positively! Make the most of my time! Treat people around me kinder!
Stephen has been an amazing friend to me and changed my life forever!

Essential Read to Overcome Issues
After spending years suffering from insomnia, anxiety attacks and general self-esteem issues yet frequent doctors visits to no-avail. I decided to put destiny in my own hands and started to research the psychological reasoning behind why I was the way I was. Since then, I’ve read numerous self help or even text books on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and understood the concepts of self-efficacy and behavioural models but still found it very difficult to actually put this theory in to practice.
I found the unique approach taken by Rob Kelly in this book excellent, by slowly easing you in to a different mindset. Step by step, in an easily readable yet not dumbed down manner, he helps you to question your own internal values and beliefs and very clearly shows you where your limiting factors are. Once these are identified, he demonstrates how to change your internal thinking to overcome your issues. This book not only has helped with the above problems but it has also helped in all areas of my life; and the beauty of it is you can re-read and repeat the tests at a later date to see how you have developed and what still needs developing.
Great book, thanks Rob Kelly for writing it and Amy Smith for recommending and guiding me through it!
Gareth Mills

Thrive Health Happiness and Success
I found Thrive at a difficult and vulnerable time in my life. I had a bad fall which resulted in arthritis and suffered with depression and anxiety. My therapist and the workbook were amazing. I have experience in psychology counselling, social work and education and basically felt I should know what to do. I understood the theories but emotionally I was unable to put them into practice. Thrive changed this. I not only enjoyed the exercies and reading material but found by practice, visualisation, looking at positives instead of negatives I was able to change the very limiting belief systems which were crushing my emthusiasm for life. I looked forward to the learning experience offered in each and every chapter and friends and family were advising me that I not only seemed better psychologically but physically. Without even consciously thinking about it, I was walking with less pain, managing stairs better and losing weight. By changing my belief systems and being positive about my future my emotional health was improving and having an impact on my physical wellbeing. I would highly recommend this book to others and certainly recommend it to those who work in the field of care, be it with children, older people or those who are mentally or physically challeged. The book offers a wonderful insight into who you are as a person and how your interations with others impacts on their emotional wellbeing.I am thriving thanks to Rob Kelly and his wonderful book. “Every day in every way I am making my life better and better”.
Dr. Catherine Dalton

I first experienced anxiety as a young girl and over the years I’ve tried to deal with it, but to no avail. There’s been occasions where anxiety has ruled my life and ruined my relationships. It wasn’t until I met you and you explained the Thrive program, that I realised I had a chance to resolve my issues. Not by someone listening to my problems but by me changing the way I think about things that usually bother me.
When I came to see you for the first time & you explained Thrive to me, I was at a point in my life where I really wanted to make the changes, so was prepared to put the work in that’s involved. I found the Thrive programme challenging, insightful and fun. Some sections even seemed like they were written about me! The author and therapists involved with Thrive, really know what they’re talking about and you steered me along the right path in achieving my ultimate goal. Which was to regain my self esteem, be happy and not be scared of people judging me. The pace of the program was set by me and what I could do each week. I made a real effort to complete the tasks and follow what the book suggests and found within very little time, as I completed the questionnaires & tasks, that I was starting to feel better about myself & the relationships I have with people close to me. Completing the tasks in the book rather than ignoring them is a vital part of the program. By doing them, I created my own evidence which helped me change the way I was thinking but also proved the guidance in the programme to be right and so I believed in Thrive more & more. I started to realise that positive outcomes, really do come from positive thoughts. It didn’t take long before my self esteem started to increase and as it did, other areas of my life started to fall into place. I’ve learnt so much about myself and how to stop myself feeling anxious & manage my thinking if a hiccup in my day/life occurs. It’s not something someone can solely teach you, you have to learn it yourself by creating your own evidence by completing the tasks. As I learnt this, I realised that anxiety is just a name for a feeling you create inside yourself by not getting perspective on whatever you are thinking about.
I really didn’t believe at the beginning of the course that I’d manage to reduce my LOC score down so low, but I did and when you achieve that, it’s proof to spur you on further to continue thinking the way you’re thinking.
Thank you so much for you’re help with the program, it was invaluable and I’m continuing to use the tools I’ve learnt every day. See you in September.
Many thanks (this is the first time I’ve written many thanks in an email & truly meant it!)
Jo x

Thanks for your help..I have improved beyond what i expected..Not had any anxiety since i last saw you and although i have had the occasional hot flush i have managed to ignore it and not let it develop into an episode.
I’d also like to say i appreciate your honest approach to the job you do and would recommend you to any one in a similar situation to mine
regards Dave

The Thrive Programme changed everything for me!
I would recommend this book to ANYONE who suffers from a phobia, from anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, low self-confidence, stress, hypochondria, and SO MANY OTHER things. It’s even been proven to be succesful with cancer patients and those suffering other debilitating illnesses! I implore you to give Thrive a try. It will change how you think, how you understand yourself, how you handle situations and how you behave. With Rob’s unique, non-patronising way of communicating with his readers, he makes you explore your mind, exercise your mind and establish a strong sense of self.
You can adapt the programme to anything in your mind/life you know is holding you back – from smoking to being overweight or lacking in confidence.

I came to Clare looking for support in managing an increasingly debilitating fear of driving onto slip roads, which made me feel inadequate and foolish. I think I was expecting to be told of some pre- existing fear linked to a bad driving experience which would bring about a ‘light bulb’ moment after which I would be ‘cured’.
I was not expecting at this point for this process to become life changing!
Clare has supported me in recognising the roots and triggers of my anxiety about driving, which has enabled me to deal with feeling uncomfortable, but doing it anyway, safe in the knowledge that it is ME that makes me feel uncomfortable and ME that can sort it out!
This journey has been about so much more than driving- and has been so much more far reaching than just helping me to drive with more confidence. This journey has been empowering and life changing. I feel more in control in social situations and at work and I know that my choices will dictate what happens next.
The Thrive programme is perfect for those of us who know that we carry ‘baggage’ that may have affected the choices we have made in the past, but are ready to move forward, acknowledging what has happened and then moving on with confidence and conviction.
Thank you Clare, not for what you have done for me, but for what you have enabled me to do for myself.”
JS, Sudbury

Having not felt myself after a virus and a long period of coping with a stressful situation, I then started to develop horrifying thoughts, which quickly flooded my mind to the point where I couldn’t sleep, socialise or work. Worried I was developing a serious mental illness and felt I could lose control at anytime, I contacted Alison, as I needed help urgently. The alternative was months off work waiting to see an NHS therapist. Assured I wasn’t losing my mind, Alison recommended the ‘Thrive’ programme and diagnosed anxiety along with obsessional thoughts.
Alison is very calm, non-judgemental and an excellent communicator. Within a couple of weeks, Alison had helped me to use the techniques in the book to divert my thoughts/unhelpful thinking styles and concentrate on positive achievements/thoughts, in turn lowering my anxiety. This gave me the confidence to go back to work very quickly and take control of my life.
I am absolutely thrilled with the speed of my recovery and although I still have the odd wobble, I am able to deal with these effectively and quickly and am now living a full, healthy and happy life.
I am also using the techniques learnt in other areas of my life to good effect, improving my all round confidence.

Doing the Thrive programme with Alison has been an eye opening experience. It was only once we began working through the book Thrive that I realised just how negative towards myself I could be, and what a detrimental impact this was having on my self esteem and confidence. In just a few short weeks, I have gone from dreading any kind of social activities to embracing them and enjoying them with open arms. Whilst flying has never really bothered me, I have always disliked busy airports, but having been skiing recently I can now say that they truly no longer bother me. It is also such a relief to no longer be afraid to go to the local supermarket for the food shop. Before meeting Alison I hadn’t set foot in a large supermarket for a couple of months as the bright lights, noises and sheer amount of people and produce was overload for my brain and I couldn’t deal with it all. Now, I don’t even think twice about going into a supermarket to get my food, and I no longer notice the bright lights and hundreds of items available for purchasing. I hope that other people with fears, phobias and anxieties would think about doing the Thrive programme because it was truly changed my life.
Suzanne Phipps

It was good to have someone to talk to who understood me and could help me improve my situation. I am now free to enjoy activities without fear or anxiety stopping me. I enjoyed every minute, it’s been worth every penny. Thank you so much Claire!

Rob Kelly’s THRIVE technique is brilliant. I am a musician and creative arts therapist working in private practice with children with autism and other special needs. I went to see Rob in February this year, feeling very anxious and depressed and in a lot of physical pain.  I had convinced myself (and my doctor) that another course of anti-depressants was all that was between me and total break down. Rob listened calmly to my string of woes, told me I didn’t need anti-depressants but that I just needed to manage my thinking better.  He showed me how I had a high external locus of control (scoring 11/30), and linked this to my appalling scores for self esteem (13/20) and my high social anxiety (14/20). After one session, I ditched the pills and started working through the THRIVE manual. Within a month I found myself agreeing to give a talk on autism at Rob’s annual IAPH conference and accepting an invitation to Estonia to co present two autism training days and give a talk about my work at the North Eastern Estonian Autism Society annual conference.  (I was very anxious about public speaking and hated flying!) Both events were highly successful and great fun.  I even found myself reassuring a nervous passenger on the plane and was the first person on the dance floor at Rob’s conference! I have lowered my THRIVE scores to  5  for Locus of Control, 4 for Social anxiety and 3 for Self Esteem and I am no longer crippled by the fear of long term pain or anxiety about the future. I am currently training as a THRIVE consultant and have been encouraging all my friends to read the book. One of my ambitions is to develop ways of enabling children with special needs to access the THRIVE techniques.
Koren Wilmer May 2012.

This treatment has been fantastic. I didn’t believe it at first as I was constantly worrying and anxiety was getting me down. Now I am not longer doing anxiety!
I loved coming on a Monday to see Claire, I felt relaxed with her. On my first session I felt different after leaving the room. I felt ‘normal’ within myself. I have learnt how to manage my thinking and to cope with situations better.
Would definitely recommend Claire to a friend or to anyone who is suffering and letting anxiety take over their life, put a stop to it now and go to see Claire, worth the money all day long.

I am 33 years old and recently visited Melanie to take part in the Thrive programme. For a number of years I had struggled with stress due to juggling a high pressure job in London, a young family and the loss of my mother. These pressures left me feeling exhausted, anxious and low in confidence. Over a 5 week period  I worked through the thrive programme with Melanie on a weekly basis. I can safely say it was amazing and after just one session I could already see the benefits and felt a weight lifted off my shoulders. The thrive programme really makes you realise the unhelpful thinking styles that we all have and that dictate the way we think and feel. Melanie made me realise the negative thinking styles that I had and over the following weeks I learnt how to stop them and replace them with a more positive and helpful thought process. The beauty of the thrive programme really is that deep down it is so simple. The main thing is to learn about ourselves and how we feel and think. Once we know this, it is easy to change the negative points to positives. I learnt that the way I was feeling was being created by myself and was not simply something that happens beyond our control. I now feel completely in control of my life which has got rid of my anxieties and raised my self-esteem and confidence. My working and family life has benefited no end from the thrive programme and I would recommend it to anyone.

Fundamentally life changing
I had severe social phobia since I was 11 up until 6 months ago when I bought ‘Thrive’ (I am now 36.) This manifested itself as intense and unprovoked blushing, crippling self doubt and an absolute fear of school and being amongst my peers. I would cry everyday going to school up until the age of 18 and would have constant anxiety and palpitations and I really don’t exaggerate when i say I felt traumatised just living everyday.
This continued though university where I would only socialise if I could be drunk or the venue was dark so no one would notice me. Over the years I have seen maybe a dozen different councillors, therapists, hypnotherapists, Chinese herbalists and have been prescribed everything from Beta blockers to anti depressants and I’ve also read A LOT of self help books. Nothing worked although things got moderately better once my working life began and I was exposed to more situations. But when I say ‘moderately’ I mean instead of my fear being 10/10 it was maybe 9.5/10.
I had resigned myself to feeling that this was my lot in life as by now my brain had been so hard wired into thinking certain ways that no therapist was ever going to ‘reach me.’ But every now and again in the vague hope of finding a solution I’d search online for any books, CDs or courses that would be my miracle cure. So one night about 6 months ago I typed ‘best book for anxiety’ into Amazon and ‘Thrive’ came up with an almost 100% 5* rating. I was very sceptical and thought the reviews must have been written by Rob Kelly’s friends or current clients. But then I thought ‘but where are all the bad reviews too?’ If this book wasn’t all it was cracked up to be then there would be just as many bad reviews.
So I decided to buy it and it has changed the course of my life. I realised the most fundamental thing was that in all my years of therapy I was searching for someone to ‘fix’ me but this book teaches you to fix yourself. I was utterly convinced that my brain was somehow abnormal and wired incorrectly and I needed specialist treatment or medicine. But I realised with ‘Thrive’ you have to be READY to do the work YOURSELF.
Again, if someone had said there was a book with little work sheets to do and self affirmation exercises I’d have said ‘I’ve done it all before and it’s not going to work.’ But there is something deeply powerful about this book as it presents the most fundamental steps to dealing with your problems. It’s like being re-built and re-educated into thinking positively and I assure you it works. You have to really want it and do all the exercises and I am still astonished to this day at how your mind can be rewired into thinking rationally.
I now am so much happier and grateful for everything I have and feel much more confident. I can’t remember the last time I blushed for no reason and before this I blushed several times a day EVERY day. Don’t get me wrong I still have a way to go as I still have self doubts but I know now how to recognise them and turn them around. There is no hocus pocus in this book and no psycho babble, just simple undeniable advice.
I can’t recommend this book enough. Don’t buy it and think just reading it will solve your problems, you have to do the exercises and really want to change and put the effort in but if you do the benefits are enormous.

Hi Claire,
I don’t know if you remember me, I saw you around autumn-time last year, you suggested I would benefit from doing the ‘thrive’ programme, which I did for six weeks.
Thought I’d drop you a line to tell you how I’m getting on. Well, good news! I’ve got myself a full-time permanent job. At one time I wouldn’t have even considered applying as would have considered it too challenging and beyond my capability! – Had to do 3 practical exercises, 15 mins for each (setting up a device, observation test and a role play) followed by a ten minute presentation and finally the interview itself.
I wanted to say thanks for your help, it has really helped, I have more belief in myself, my confidence is amazingly higher, I’m no longer anxious and am generally more focused and more determined. I am finally living and enjoying life again
Thanks, Dave

A truly insightful book that helped me to do what years of counselling and numerous other self-help books couldn’t. The Thrive workbook helped me gain perspective and take control of my life. I no longer suffer from anxiety and low self-esteem because I finally have self-insight and have overcome my limiting beliefs. I highly recommend this book to anyone looking to solve their problems. Thrive gives you everything you need to know to change your life for the better!

I found my sessions very interesting and insightful. I enjoyed the examples Claire gave such as chevreuls pendulum. I always left my sessions feeling revived and positive.
The sessions have made a huge difference to my life. I now feel less anxious, less stressed and less plagued by negative, unwanted thoughts. On starting the course I realised I had scored very highly 24/30 on the locus of control quiz and very highly on low self esteem, social anxiety and all of the thinking styles.
Because I now recognise this, I am able to change my thinking and stop myself from brooding about things I have no control over and that are unhelpful for me to brood about. I now feel much happier, less anxious and stressed and more relaxed about life in general.
The course helped me with my obsessive symptoms that I realised I was just doing for control, to try and control how I was thinking and what I thought would happen in the future. I have now stopped these OCD symptoms (counting, touching things x 3) because I understand why I was doing it and that doing it now has no effect on my day. I thought it would be difficult to stop this but it took just a few days when I understood my thinking.

The only thing you need to buy to change your life…”

I had suffered with Anxiety / Panic attacks/ Social situations for a very long time, as such IT was starting to control my life in a bad way…. I was introduced to one of Rob Kelly’s therapists (Richard Brent), who gave me this book to read and work through it with him, and in 5-6 sessions I was fixed!!! I really enjoyed my sessions, I used to come out of there, the HAPPIEST I have ever been, so much so that my partner said I am now a completely different person. I think this book just really shows, that if you want to change anything in your life, the the ONLY person to do it, is YOU. Such an EASY concept but until you really grasp that concept, you will never understand that you don’t need any external sources anymore, and the only person you need rely on to fix You, is YOU! Such an amazing book, I just wish i’d read it sooner! I am now buying my first official copy for a family member! Thanks Richard!!!”

I had suffered with Anxiety / Panic attacks/ Social situations for a very long time, as such IT was starting to control my life in a bad way…. I was introduced to one of Rob Kelly’s therapists (Richard Brent), who gave me this book to read and work through it with him, and in 5-6 sessions I was fixed!!! I really enjoyed my sessions, I used to come out of there, the HAPPIEST I have ever been, so much so that my partner said I am now a completely different person. I think this book just really shows, that if you want to change anything in your life, the the ONLY person to do it, is YOU. Such an EASY concept but until you really grasp that concept, you will never understand that you don’t need any external sources anymore, and the only person you need rely on to fix You, is YOU! Such an amazing book, I just wish i’d read it sooner! I am now buying my first official copy for a family member! Thanks Richard!!

I came to see Paul in February 2011, as I was suffering with Anxiety, Depression and Separation Anxiety. I also had great difficulty sleeping! I can honestly say I had hit the lowest point in my entire life and didn’t know what to do or who to turn to, I had tried a lot of different types of therapy but they didn’t work one bit and made my situation worse. My last and only option was Paul at Wolverhampton Hypnotherapy. I didn’t hold much hope but I didn’t have anything to loose, but to my amazement, with Paul’s help, determination and the therapy that he chose for me, I am not the same person I was five months ago. I have turned into the most confident person i have ever been. I feel I can do anything if I put my mind to it. All the things I could never do, I can do them now and I don’t struggle with day-to-day living like I used to. I haven’t felt anxious in a while and if I ever was to feel that way again I am confident enough to say I would beat it as fast as it came! The best way that I can describe Paul, Hypnoanalysis and Changing Limiting Beliefs is FANTASTIC! Paul has given me my life back in so many ways, he has taught me the proper way of thinking and this was the best decision I have ever made in my entire life. Thank you Paul. Anyone who is thinking of having any kind of therapy from Paul then go for it, it really does work!!!!!!!!!!!! “

Enabled me to change my life!”

Had tried everything to control life-long anxiety and nothing worked, until now! I have always suffered from panic attacks and thought there was no way out. I was getting to the point of wanting to give up altogether. Tried CBT, didn’t work, tried antidepressants, no joy, tried many other self help books with no success. Tried self hypnosis cd’s. All these did not help and my anxiety was getting worse. Was getting panic attacks at the thought of any social situations. Then I saw one of Rob Kelly’s therapists (Richard Brent), who gave me this book to work through with him, and in 6 sessions I was cured! No Really – I am completely cured!!! I learnt how to stop myself feeling helpless and useless and not feel self worth, to being confident and capable to do anything I want to do. I can now enjoy doing things I never thought I could. I have changed my life because of this book – IT REALLY WORKS!!!”

For as long as I could remember I had a fear of flying and a fear of heights. As I got older it got progressively worse until the point that I struggled driving over low bridges and when visiting the Taj Mahal in India I couldn’t wait in queue on top of the one storey central building as there was no end barrier. I travel from Dundee to Belfast regularly by flight and I used to get uptight and anxious for around three days prior to flying and a day afterward. Although I always got on the plane, traveling was such a horrific feeling and my quality of life was just horrendous.
This fear was limiting my life and impacting on my family as if we were to drive somewhere I had to avoid bridges or minor mountains (on honeymoon we couldn’t go to universal studios in LA as it was too high up), so I researched Stephen’s clinic and asked my wife to buy me sessions as a Christmas gift.
This was the best Christmas gift I could get. Prior to going to Stephen Chan my exposure to hypnosis was guys in pubs being made to dance like a chicken. I thought Stephen would put me in a trance, click his fingers and my fear would go. Thankfully this wasn’t the case. I learnt, through the Thrive programme that Stephen employs, that the route of my fear was my negative thinking and that I had the control to change it. As I’ve been relatively successful professionally I never though low self-confidence was an issue for me, but through working with Stephen I was able to build my self-esteem and realise that I have control of my FORMER phobia and it doesn’t have control of me. This has been a very empowering realization.  My first flight was two days ago. I used the techniques I learnt from my sessions to stay calm and relaxed traveling to the airport and when flying. I went from someone grasping the handrests praying the plane would land to someone who was so relaxed that I fell asleep on the flight.
I’m looking forward to my next!!!
I recommend Stephen to anyone who is not living the life they wish they could live. My work at Stephen’s practice has not only resolved my anxieties about heights and flying but has helped me transfer the techniques I’ve learnt to my hectic life of balancing my family, medicine, my diet, exercise and wellbeing and above all my formerly high levels of stress.
Thanks Stephen.
Dr Barry Kerr

Completely Enabled Me To Change My Life
I have read this book twice over now and will continue to read over and over. It was given to my sister (who has been recently diagnosed with epilepsy) and I happened to pick it up and have a read… Well I don’t know where I would be now if I hadn’t!!
This book has helped me to successfully battle stress, anxiety, living in the past and my negative outlook on life. I wake up every morning excited and happy to start the day now! Life is no longer the drag it was for me only 6 months ago!
Sarah Newton

This has been a revelation and has changed my way of thinking for the better. I felt terrified to walk down the aisle and talk in front of all our guests. With your help I could enjoy my wedding day, calm and composed walking up the aisle. I said all my vows without anxiety and even took over the end of Mark’s speech when he got emotional! I cannot thank you enough for how you helped me, you are an angel!”

I had suffered from anxiety for all my life. I didn’t understand why, but I always got nervous ever since I was a child. The nerves would make me sick, have a bad stomache, have headaches and muscle aches, have terrifying panic attacks and suffer with sleeping. I associated my anxiety to food and didn’t eat any sugar or dairy products for over a decade. I had absolutely no self confidence, and didn’t believe that I deserve the things that other people have. As you can imagine, my life had become very bleak and I day to day life was an impossible struggle. I was ready to give up as it was all to much hard work and I couldn’t live like this any more. I have tried many interventions to ease the anxiety, but nothing helped. I had a long course of CBT which had no effect, have been on anti-depressants twice but this did not help control the nerves. I have bought many self-help books and self-hypnosis CD’s, which I have dilligently worked through but these also have not helped. At the end of my tether, I summond up the courage and called Rich hoping he could wave a magic wand and take it all away. Though I really didn’t believe anything could ever change. Amazingly, after six sessions with Rich, working through the ’Changing Limiting Beliefs’ workbook, I am CURED! Or should I say, I have cured myself!!! Rich taught me how to control my thinking, how to appreciate and acknowledge my achievements. I now know I can do anything that I want to do AND ENJOY IT. This has been put to the test over and over, and I have put myself in situations that I didn’t think I was able to cope with before. At first it took focussed hard work to change my thinking, but I controlled each situation with less and less effort. A week after I finished the course I was halfway through a social situation and I realised I had forgotten to panic! I now know and enjoy my personality type. Every day, I am feeding my confidence and I know I have never felt happier. I really did not think this was ever possible, and I have done it in 6 sessions. Thanks Rich for showing me how! If you can identify with anything I have experienced, the best thing you can do to change your life is to give Rich a call. You can do it too!

Extracts from a 3-page handwritten testimonial from Catherine H

Diane creates such a warm and relaxing environment which makes you feel at ease even if you are feeling anxious.  Diane’s broad knowledge and years of experience meant that I could immediately begin the most appropriate treatment for my symptoms.  I knew I could trust her 100%. I undertook 6 weeks of PHA and then 6 weeks of CLB.  I was suffering from anxiety and frequent hot flushes.  I had been battling depressions since I was 14 years old. I had tried many other therapies including CBT, all of which did not help long term…the PHA showed how much ‘rubbish’ I had hoarded away and not dealt with … releasing these worries made me feel lighter and like I could now move on.  CLB was such an eye-opener in that I never realised how badly I viewed myself, although I’m 26 and earned a Phd…..The impact on my life has been dramatic;  I am kinder to myself, which is so great …. I am in control of my own life!  I am more productive in my job, accept challenges I would normally have avoided, and my permanent grey cloud (as it felt before I started) has gone … most likely now for good. For anyone who is feeling stuck, powerless, anxious and doesn’t know where to turn next I would highly recommend seeing Diane and trying PHA and/or CLB
(EXTRACTS FROM A PERSONAL LETTER FROM CATHERINE)‘…my attitude to myself has changed so much and my confidence is growing day by day.  Thank you so much for showing me the tools I needed to get myself back on track.     ….I hope you are well, Diane, and that you forever continue to help people like you did with me.’

WARNING: If you don’t want to get better – YOU HAVE TO...
As a teenager studying her a-levels, accused of being depressed, suffering from anxiety; a panic disorder and IBS, I was hugely sceptical when a close friend suggested reading Rob’s book. After spending countless hours in CBT, with doctors and discussing medication, non of which had worked for me, I was at the end of my tether. Yet I still couldn’t believe that this book i’d heard so SO much about could ACTUALLY help me. In fact, at the beginning, as Rob suggests, I didn’t believe it could. I didn’t want to believe it, I couldn’t believe it, and in fact, I’d kind of made up my mind, that on principle, I wouldn’t believe it. It was only after my doctor tried to put me on Prozac (I’m seventeen, and I don’t suffer from depression). That I seriously had to take matters into my own hands, to make myself better. Upon reading the first chapter, I realised, the book had been written for me. Upon completing the first three or so chapters, I realised the book had been written for everyone. Everyone in the world can benefit from it. Everyone in the world SHOULD benefit from it. This book made me realise that the only thing standing between me and everything I could want out of life, are some silly little ideas I had about how I cope. I refuse to let any dodgy thinking patterns prevent me from living my life to the full and ‘Thriving’ (Nice name by the way). My new approach to life? ‘Bring it.’ Everything has improved – scratch that, I have improved everything in my life, Even my SKIING.
Being ‘ill’ isn’t an excuse any more. Times have changed for ‘disorders’. I honestly can’t thank the authors enough for providing me with a chance to live my life so freely.

A manual for life
I have read LOTS and LOTS of self-help books all promising various things but largely failing to deliver. This is so much more than a self-help book. As far as I’m concerned it’s a manual for life. I’ve only read through it once (quickly – I couldn’t put it down!) and I already feel different – less anxious, more optimistic, and I know my worth. I feel excited for the first time in ages. Goodness knows what will happen when I read through it again slowly and do all the exercises! Well, actually, I think I do know what will happen. Watch out world! This time last year I was in bits with severe depression and anxiety. Reading this book made realise how I got myself into that situation, and how to stop it from happening again. Don’t hesitate to buy this wonderful book.

Excellent Perspective
This is an amazing book, I myself have been suffering with chronic anxiety and panic disorder for a number of years. Despite on and off sessions of therapy which have all helped me but in different ways; I really feel this book has provided the absolute clarity and understanding of how a person thinks and the effects this thinking has on an individual. It also provides techniques which really work as exactly how the book promises they will, unlike, I hasten to add other self-help psychology based books. In the last 5 years I can’t remember a time when I had a happy feeling; but during reading the book and upon completing it and implementing the techniques described I have felt what it is like to be happy again and have started to gain control of my life. I would definitely recommend this to anybody who really wants to change their life and ‘thrive’ 


This book is totally different to any other ‘self help’ book or ‘life changing’ book you may have come across in the past. It is looking at things in a totally different way. This book will help with anything from feeling depressed or just not sleeping. Take it in stages as it is a lot to take in and really read it. I read some parts twice just so they had really sunk in. Rob’s humour and understanding mean its enjoyable and makes you realise that you Can and Deserve to feel better. For over 10 years I was on various tablets, seen various doctors, councilers etc diognosed with everything from anxiety to depression to finally bi polor then back to just ‘on and off’ depression-what ever that was ment to mean! I was at the end of my tether and now after working with Rob personally and reading the book I can say for the first time in over 10 years I am well on the way to happyness and contentment. Even if this book was £100 I would buy it!”

The book that changed my life!”

This book has quite simply changed my life! I have been lucky enough to meet ‘the man himself’ Mr Rob Kelly and he is a truely inspirational guy. Luckily for all of you out there who want to change your own life and create the happy and successful life you deserve, Rob has provided you with the only tool you will ever need – Changing Limiting Beliefs. This book is written in such a way that you are able to understand why you feel the way you do and learn what it is that is holding you back from creating the happy life you want – YOU! When I first met Rob I had been suffering with ‘depression’ for almost 3yrs. I had been through numerous counsellors, given pills from the Dr and seen a life coach, and although I would feel better for a short period the depressed feelings and anxiety would always come back! I was beginning to believe that this was just the way I was, I was beyond help and I would live my life this way forever, I felt entirely helpless and in honesty would rather be dead; there’s my ‘limiting beliefs’ right there!! Rob said to me on our first meeting that in just 4 weeks I would not feel depressed anymore and even better I would never go back to that state of mind again. I must admit, I had my reservations (ooh, another limiting belief!!) but I was more than willing to go for it and see what would happen. And, unsurprisingly to Rob, I am not depressed anymore – I feel amazing! This book has undoubtedly saved my life, oops correction, I have saved my life through learning to manage my thinking and controlling my thoughts – all this came from Robs book – Changing Limiting Beliefs. I dont even remember what those really bad days felt like anymore, to me now, it feels like those dark times were in another world and I am certainly never visiting there again, infact my new positive mind wont allow it!! I have recommended this book to everyone I know, I’m not saying all my friends are depressed – far from it! But this book can help anyone with even a tiny phobia or lack of confidence issue. It will unlock a belief in yourself you never knew you had. You really can achieve anything you want in life, there is absolutely nothing stopping you – only YOU if you choose to let yourself be a barrier. Trust me, get this book and you will never look back! I seriously cant recommend this book enough, it should be a compulsory fixture on everyone’s bookcase and certainly as part of school curriculum! Thanks Rob, keep up the great work!! x”

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