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Anorexia – Bulimia – Binge Eating: At Toronto THRIVE Programme we take a uniquely different approach to eating disorders by addressing their root cause, the psychological mechanism that must be in place for these disorders to occur. Those who suffer from these conditions rarely know why they are driven to act the way they do. What they do know is that deep inside they feel insecure, self-judgmental and tend to be anxious.

THRIVE is a unique form of psychological training that has been used successfully develloped over 25 years in helping sufferers of Anorexia, Bulimia and Binge Eating overcome their problems. Eating disorders are caused by many psychological factors that include your beliefs, thinking styles, self esteem, social anxiety and personality. In approximately 6 weekly sessions you will be able to gain insight into how these different factors are working against you and how to resolve them. View progamme layout here.

This isn’t about learning how to control and manage your symptoms, but about being liberated from them permanently. Not only will your symptoms be gone, you will also lose the feelings of inferiority, self-judgment and anxiety. Without these psychological conflicts at the drivers seat, you will become the balanced person you were meant to be.

I invite you to have a free consultation to see whether THRIVE is the right approach for you.


Why is it vital to understand how my Anorexia, Bulimia or Binge Eating was created?


Imagine you are lost in the wilderness and have no idea how you got there, but I gave you a map pinpointing the steps you took to get lost in the first place and how to never get lost again in the future. Could you get out? Of course…

Now let’s say I just rescued you by helicopter and plopped you back in familiar territory but gave you no map and no resources to not make the same mistake again. You are likely to get lost again!

THRIVE gives you the map and the resources to get out and to never again fall into the mental traps that created your depression in the first place.

Many suffering from eating disorders feel that their situation is hopeless and could not imagine how anything could help them overcome their suffering. They have tried everything and nothing seems to help.


THRIVE vs traditional hypnotherapy


Traditional hypnotherapy (also know as suggestion therapy) is also something that is used at Toronto and Sudbury Hypnotherapy. This relies on the hypnotist giving you suggestions for your well being. While these suggestions may make a difference in your symptoms, it is only a temporary fix. The underlying cause is not addressed and permanent results are rarely achieved. I tend only to use suggestion therapy for minor problems and not for pervasive issues like depression.

Many hypnotherapists also use some form of regression therapies (getting to the root of the problem). These techniques however usually rely on therapist insight and fishing for the root cause. These ‘fishing’ techniques do not use the natural therapeutic process and many times bring to surface emotions well before the client is ready and rarely get to the actual root of the problem.


THRIVE vs Conventional Therapies


Well other therapies like psychotherapy, CBT, EFT etc. can have success in helping you deal with different problems, they rarely address the actual root cause. THRIVE unveils the science behind the psychobabble so that you can gain the insight and resources to change your life for good.


What is the success rate?

The testimonials speak for themselves have a look here:

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