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Hi my name is Daniel. I have trained under one of the United Kingdom’s top psychotherapists (Rob Kelly) to bring this incredibly successful program back to my hometown after over 5 years practice in Toronto. As well as to people from across North America over Skype.

I have always been interested in people. I was always that person who friends came to for a shoulder to cry on or to vent. After being diagnosed with a lifelong illness at a young age, I decided that helping others overcome their problems was what I wanted to do in my life.

Asking for help is one of the bravest, most formidable things a person can do. I know this especially from my prior work as a psychoanalyst. I have heard people convey their most traumatic experiences to me and have always been amazed and humbled at their courage. I loved my analytical work, but just wasn’t getting the results that I hoped for.

The transition to becoming a Thrive consultant has been incredible. Success rates that used to be around 60% have skyrocketed to over 90%.

Rob has brought such insight to what makes us ‘tick’ from his 25 years experience and an incredible amount of research to bring this program to the world.

I am grateful to Rob and grateful to the clients who entrust me daily to help them achieve their goals and dreams.

Thank you for visiting and hopefully you will give Thrive and myself a chance to change your life.


Daniel DesLauriers MIAEBP


When I arrived on Daniel’s doorstep, I was exhausted, anxious, faintly hostile, and frankly, desperate.  I am in my mid-thirties, and have been in one form of therapy or another since my early teens to try to ‘treat’ my daily anxiety attacks.  I’ve wallowed in it all: talk therapy, CBT, mindfulness, yoga, cranial-sacral, naturopathy, guided visualizations, diet-changes, chakra balancing… the list is endless.  I am a competent, professional, high-achieving woman in a demanding leadership role, who secretly popped Xanax and other medications just to get through another day.  In the midst of my final round of withdrawal, when I couldn’t stand being inundated with brain zaps and drowning in every increasing anxiety, (and when I realized that I’d been with my former therapist for five years and we were re-hashing the same old stories and ‘solutions’ over and over) I called Daniel.  It was a last-ditch attempt, a grasping at straws… and turned out to be the single most important step towards mental health that I have made in my life.

Last week I gave away every single self-help book I have collected over the years.  I’ve stopped looking for something external to ‘save’ me, or ‘change me’ or ‘fix me’ or ‘cure me’.  There was nothing wrong with me at all – except that I had more than a handful of misguided beliefs and poor brain/thinking habits, mixed with low self-esteem and an external locus of control.  In simple terms – I was thinking myself into craziness, physical illness, and spirals of anxiety (because at the time, I didn’t know any better way to think!).

Once Daniel helped me figure that out through the tools in the Thrive Program, I’ve been able to stop the toxic thinking patterns, and also stop the physical and mental manifestations of anxiety, self-hatred, and catastrophic thinking.  For me that means no more making it through the day with a public persona of competence, and falling apart every evening in frantic tears, working myself to the bone trying to ‘prove’ that I wasn’t as worthless as I was afraid everyone would find out I really felt inside.   It means that I finally, fully, believe that I am an awesome person, worthy of the love that I receive from others – but more importantly, that I am worth loving myself.  It sounds trite, perhaps…. but it feels, and is, lovely, and calm, and strong and solid and right.

Thrive wasn’t magic, or even particularly easy.  I did the entire Program fairly slowly twice over eight months, because the first time through I ‘got’ it intellectually, but wasn’t really living it.  After a break, I re-committed to the program, and lived the work.  And now, anxiety is simply not a part of my daily life.  I’m still me, my life is still challenging and real and messy and involved – only I’m not systematically torturing myself with my thoughts as I go through my days and nights.

I am profoundly grateful to Daniel for his coaching, mentorship, and compassion through this journey. He created a safe, encouraging, excuses-free space for me to process the Thrive program, and held me accountable for my own growth.  Both he, and the program, are worth your trust and your time.



I came to Daniel to help me with a psychosomatic illness that triggered severe social anxiety disorder after having tried many other forms of therapy.

Daniel’s a very skilled therapist and he created a safe and compassionate space which allowed me to go to the far recesses of my mind without judgement or ridicule. And because I felt safe and in control even in this relaxed state, I was able to make sense of my pyschosomatic symptoms and irrational behaviour for the first time.

After each sessions , I felt more empowered, physically lighter, happier and more self-forgiving. These cathartic analysis sessions gave me back my power and restored my self-confidence in my ability to self-heal. More importantly, my pyschosomatic symptoms were greatly reduced and my social anxiety has dissipated as a result of this therapy.

I highly recommend this form of therapy to anyone who struggles with self-doubt, hidden shame, guilt or any other crippling deep-seated emotions that you suspect is causing a phobia or illness.I’d even go so far to recommend it to anyone who is seeking to understand him/herself better. The lessons you will learn are invaluable and the healing is profound.

Toronto, Ontario

I recently had a series of ten sessions of analysis with Daniel.  The sessions were different than expected and there was no loss of consciousness that one sees in “stage hypnotism”.  I was conscious at all times and there was no sense of losing control. The process itself brought to the surface many repressed memories and issues and allowed me to deal effectively with them.  Purehypnoanalysis has shown me how to make sense of my phobias and has greatly reduced and in most cases eliminated these phobias. I highly would recommend it.

John, Toronto Ontario


If you have any questions about the therapy offered or are ready to resolve your problems once and for all, I encourage you to book a no obligation free consultation.

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