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Stop Smoking Easily

Daniel has trained with the U. K.'s leading hypnotherapist Rob Kelly to bring you one of the most successful smoking cessation methods in the world today. Rob has used his method on over 6000 clients with an incredible 95% success rate.

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Suggestion Therapy

Suggestion therapy, also known as Clinical Hypnosis, is by far the most common form of hypnosis in use today. While in a pleasant hypnotic state the therapist will plant suggestions in the clients subconscious to overcome an obstacle in their life or change a habit. For instance, if you went for suggestion therapy for smoking, the therapist would plant suggestions like "you will be filled with a sense of pride at being a non-smoker".

Suggestion Therapy works very well for short-term behavior modification, such as smoking cessation, exam nerves, an upcoming flight, etc...

The Case Against Suggestion Therapy

While Suggestion Therapy can be very effective at controlling certain behaviors where the person needs a quick fix, it does not permanently resolve the underlying cause of the problem.

For example, lets assume for a moment that you have gone to a hypnotherapist because you were afraid of heights to the point where you went into a full out panic attack when you went up heights.

Let us now assume that the hypnotherapist used Suggestion Therapy to help you overcome that fear. They suggest to you while in hypnosis that you now feel comfortable and at ease when you are up somewhere high. Sounds simple enough, right?

Well, here is the kicker. Your fear of heights has an underlying cause. It is an outward expression of internal anxiety. Because anxiety is formless it has found expression in your life as a fear of heights. The therapist has taken away the fear of heights, but the anxiety, the root of that fear is still there and will now seek out another way to manifest itself in your life.

So while you may not have a fear of heights any longer you may develop another fear, a new symptom may occur or your overall anxiety may skyrocket. This very real phenomenon known as symptom substitution.

Worse yet, because suggestions do tend to wear off over time, you fear of heights may well return.

Sound good now?

The Case For Pure Hypnoanalysis

Let us look at the previous example, fear of heights, using Pure Hypnoanalysis™. Rather than suggesting away your fear, which as we have seen does not work and can cause dire consequences, we are going to resolve your fear completely along with the underlying cause of that fear.

In about 8-12 sessions you will be brought to a point of releasing the underlying emotions that have caused your fear of heights and all other anxiety expressions that those emotions have created in your life.

Now you are free from both your fear, the root cause of that fear and are now less anxious in general, feeling completely liberated for good!

Because the underlying cause has been resolved, it can never again manifest itself in other areas of your life (i.e.. no symptom substitution).

If you have any questions about the therapy offered or are ready to resolve your problems once and for all, I encourage you to book a no obligation free consultation.